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Billed because final chapter in series-staple Kazuma Kiryu’s story, certainly that we feel Yakuza 6: The Song of Life maintains the extremely high-bar Sega have maintained over the course of the series’ thirteen year history. But whether you might be a returning fan of the franchise wanting to observe how this latest tale unravels or can be a newcomer wanting to see what all of the fuss is around, while it may appear a little bit perplexing to adhere to everything taking place , – story and in-game activities alike – be assured we now have you covered on all bases. Here’s all that you should know to acquire began with Yakuza 6: The Song of Life.

Platforms: PlayStation 4
Release Date: April 17, 2018

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Taking place right after the era of Yakuza 5, after dealing with his injuries and in an attempt to manage around his criminal past while preventing that burden extending to his adopted daughter Haruka, Kiryu turns himself into the authorities whereupon he spends several years in prison on charges of arson and assault. During her guardian’s absence, Haruka returns for the Morning Glory orphanage Kiryu helped arrange, after announcing her retirement as a possible idol singer to your public. However, upon learning in the paparazzi’s snooping — whereupon her location in the orphanage is heavily publicized because of the media — and fearing with the safety in the other orphans, Haruka departs in the center of night. Seemingly vanishing thereafter, with no trace. Learning of her sudden disappearance and after this exempt from prison, Kiryu cause to get Haruka, whereupon a significantly deeper and complicated few events begins to unravel. And here , the chief bulk of Yakuza 6’s tale kicks off.


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Yakuza 6 Kamurocho Map
Yakuza 6 Onomichi Map

Yakuza 6 primarily happens across two open-world locales, Kamurocho (left) and Onomichi (right) that your player will swap back-and-forth between when the story progresses. Late on in the game, players will fast-travel from one locale to the other and viceversa.


Series staple in addition to being glitzy as it’s have you ever been, town district of Kamurocho is equal parts impressive to discover as it is enjoyable to freely explore in your heart’s content, weaving in-between narrow alleyways and streets alike. As you would expect, Kamurocho is much more tightly compact and denser a locale having a fair quantity of NPC’s and electronic advertisements adding to very busy aesthetic. But what’s worth noting is that while most in the district’s restaurants and mini-game locations are accessed on ground level, ensure that you explore building entrances that include multiple floors. Mini-games for instance Mahjong and in some cases the reply to some Troublr quests require you to take a trip one, two, even three floors up and based solely on the overhead map, may look initially much harder to track-down in comparison to other affairs.


Onomichi functions as Kamurocho’s opposite with regards to general design and atmosphere. Though still providing players with stores, restaurants and naturally thugs to get over up, this type of coastal seaside town is a little more open to use space, if still providing its share of narrow alleyways. Only at Onomichi, to your North within the town, you’ll find accessibility to Cable Car plus the local shrine where you could make offerings, via acquired items, for temporary EXP boosts. Multi-floor access is low here with simply areas including the small interior mall to your West providing a ladder to view the rooftop where a real Troublr quest occurs.


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Of your house through confrontations in the pub or slowly accumulated during cutscenes, combat is all over again front-and-center of Yakuza 6’s core gameplay. It’s more fluid this time around whilst still maintaining the series’ stylish flair and its particular increased the tactical usage of one’s surroundings. While Yakuza 6 drops previous iterations’ capability switch fighting methods speedily, it remains primarily fixed around increasing combos of light attacks and heavier attacks, initiated throughout the Square and Triangle buttons respectively, together with the chance to grab a rival while using the Circle button. Totally the ever-present environmental objects and there’s sufficient variety available to buy if you ever discover youself to be cornered. Most objects, when equipped, have a three-use durability — encouraging players to mix-and-match to view the leonids necessary.

Where your standard combos generally are a three-hit number of light attacks (i.e. Square-Square-Square), players should preferably try different button inputs, with a lot more skills becoming open for unlock which greatly contributes to Kiryu’s contextual prompts amidst the environments. Heat Actions, above all else, be a gateway towards activation of particular quick-time events. After the certain amount of hits much more this mode, players in most cases enter 1 of 2 states by which you’re required to repeatedly press certain button to increase damage, or hit a certain button with time in order to build an unbroken chain of punches. The time your Heat Actions last may be improved through unlocks.

However it’s worth noting than a good defense may be equally beneficial to be a typical offense. To that end, players can defend a single of two ways: blocking, with the R1 button, or evading a feasible enemy attack by quickly side-stepping. The incidence and distance included your evasion depends upon the level of your evasion stat with additional abilities for instance parrying, counter-attacking and also breaking an enemy’s own defense available as combat skill unlocks.

Leveling Up

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Unlike traditional RPG’s, Yakuza 6 lets you custom-tailor the velocity when you level up your separate attributes. You can even go the main game without upgrading most things in order for you. The overall game divides this between two attributes: basic skills and special skills. Basic skills belong to five categories: HP, strength, defense, evasion along with the duration your Heat Actions last when activated – these all increase by a factor of two every level-up. Special skills fit into three categories: combat abilities, Heat Action abilities and social abilities which affect activities beyond the borders of combat. Special abilities are unlocked upon gathering a required degree of XP across one or two tabs.

Sub Stories

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Yakuza 6 is the word for its side-quests as Sub Stories which are naturally discovered —?found, seemingly aimlessly, in your journey. There’s no set order to your activation of these quests although some people might are triggered by completing activities dotted with regards to the world and meeting particular requirements. However this is never made clear into the player, which means Yakuza 6 retains its organic strategy to the way in which quests are discovered. Sub Stories often add comical towards the dramatic truly result in a fist-fight. Other additional quests will pop-up once in a while with the Troublr app on Kiryu’s phone that usually accept the method of time-based objectives that want you getting to a particular location in time and even seeking out objects so that you can fulfill the objective.

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