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Switch Owners Can take advantage of Season One of Telltale's The Walking Dead In a few days


The final season of Telltale’s award-winning The Walking Dead series may mark get rid of this incredible story, nonetheless the company just announced very good news for Switch owners and also the Walking Dead fans. The full first season shall be going to Nintendo Switch consoles on Aug. 28, and much more unexpected content was further announced in Telltale’s article.

At only $24.99, players should expect to not only receive a digital copy of the complete first season, but they also can also get their diligent the the 400 Days anthology to be a complete bundle. Players is able to relive or even just finally enjoy the beginning of Clementine’s and Lee’s heart-wrenching journey that’s spanned across numerous fantastic story telling. While Season One begins the storyplot, players will be able to bridge the gap between Seasons 1 and 2 in The Walking Dead: 400 Days, a few short stories in Telltale’s incredibly expansive apocalyptic world.

Telltale has also confirmed they don’t consider stopping at only season one. Season Two and also a New Frontier in the Walking Dead will both be around on Nintendo Switch later at the moment. Though, players can enjoy episode among the many Final Season on Switch n North America.

The Walking Dead: Season You can be available over the Switch Nintendo eShop on Aug 28.

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