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Until Dawn Devs Delve Deeper into Horror with Dark Pictures Anthology


Until Dawn developers Supermassive Games are releasing a fresh couple of horror stories known as Dark Pictures Anthology. The games will be advancing towards PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with Supermassive Games making use of Bandai Namco to share these games.

The Dark Pictures Anthology will comprise of different games, each with their own range of stories, cast, and locations. The initial game in darkness Pictures Anthology is referred to as Man of Medan and features several young friends on a holiday southerly Pacific. Here is what Supermassive Game’s Pete Samuels has to say for the first game in darkness Pictures Anthology, via Eurogamer:

“Situation of Man of Medan sets out at a dive boat within the South Pacific. Using a rumored WWII wreck to get, many on-deck partying recommended, our group of 4 young Americans in addition to their skipper Fliss get ready for what should be the trip associated with a lifetime… but it surely doesn’t go quite to plot. Because the day unfolds, and also a storm rolls in, they experience the trapped onboard a ghost ship. Afflicted by unimaginable stress and terror, that doctor needs to seek out a means to escape the ship and its particular sinister history.”

Players shall be baby to make through the game that should influence who is going to and does not survive. The main entry after dark Pictures Anthology is slated to produce in 2019, and you can now explore the first trailer below:

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