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Overwatch and Lego Are Teasing An Collaboration


Early this morning, the state Overwatch Twitter account illuminated the web with speculation and rumor that LEGO was coming over to Overwatch, or that Overwatch would definitely LEGO.

The Tweet reads, “Assemble your team. Overwatch + [LEGO]: Out soon!”

Accompanying which was an instant seven-second clip that shows the team queue loading inside the heroes which are selected for play. First shows up Genji, as well as McCree after which four others. In the event you watch the clip, you’ll quickly see that when every one of these character portraits appear, they’re not quite as you should be – they’re made of LEGO.

Assemble your team.

Overwatch + @LEGO_Group: Not far off!

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) August 21, 2018

Now, the well-known fact is that the heroes are going to LEGO available as playsets and many more, but perhaps LEGO is due shooter instead. The favorite hero-shooter do zany things before – ever year, players can take advantage of roughly the same as Rocket League using Lucio – so maybe a limited-time LEGO game mode is inside the works. That’s that’s doubtful going to go, speculate of now, we don’t be positive about this. Considering Overwatch has slowly made its way to every collectible market to choose from (Funko Pop, Figam, Nendoroid, etc.), it just seems appropriate that your heroes and villains many began to love make their way to one of several world’s preferred brands a la LEGO.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and pay attention to. The teaser clip sadly didn’t come with a release date, or simply time-frame, nor that accompany any other details with this get together.

This collaboration also comes in lieu of the items seems to be an Overwatch marketing push to own farmville reach far beyond becoming an actual video gaming. It absolutely was recently announced that Overwatch and NERF were cooperating to make Reaper’s shotguns to everything about Nerf. Hopefully they’re significantly less overpowered as it is in the technology race (kidding, kidding).

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